When do you need Alexander Ergonomics Consulting?

  • When you want to check your workplace is set up correctly
  • When workers report discomfort/injuries
  • When you are refurbishing, upgrading or moving work spaces
  • When purchasing new furniture or equipment
  • To evaluate the design of a product
  • When changing work processes
  • For training in lifting, workstation set up, computer use, handling and moving people

What is the Alexander Ergonomics Consulting approach?

Alexander Ergonomics Consulting has the expertise to gather the relevant data about your people and your workplace, then analyse this information to provide you with objective information and a clear action plan for how to improve the way people work and their environment. We provide a quality professional service tailored to your needs.



Why is ergonomics good for business?

As a good employer, you are obliged to meet your health and safety requirements by providing a safe and healthy workplace. If you are committed to being a preferred employer who values your people as a key resource, then you will want to make sure that your workplace is designed to function at its best.