Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct desk height?

This depends on the task and the person. When the activity requires whole arm movements the bench should be slighlty below elbow height; for writing or keying the desk should be at elbow height  and for close visual work a higher angled surface is required. If several people use the same work area then an adjustable height bench may be appropriate.


What is the best way to lift objects?

Each situation is unique so should be evaluated individually. Some things to consider are:
Where is the item being picked up from?
How much space is there to move easily?
Is any lifting equipment required?
Who is doing the lifting?
How often is the item being lifted?

There are principles for safer handling that provide guidance that need to be tailored to specific tasks. The important message is to avoid awkward postures (such as stooping or full squats), avoid forceful exertions and minimise the repetition and duration of the activity.


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